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Transforming FreightClub's Shipping Operations: A Successful NetSuite API Integration Case Study

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient supply chain management is crucial for organizations to stay competitive. One of our clients faced a significant challenge with their freight booking process.

They were manually booking shipments on Freight Club, which proved to be time-consuming, and tracking and cancellations were time-consuming. Our client approached us to find a solution that would automate and streamline its freight management process seamlessly integrating with the NetSuite ERP system.

Client Background

The client’s previous process for booking shipments on Freightclub was time-consuming and complicated, requiring team members to manually enter complex orders and item information.

This made it challenging for multiple team members to book and track shipments. Additionally, checking the shipment status or canceling the shipment was also difficult.

Step: 1 Objectives

To demonstrate the successful integration of FreightClub’s systems with NetSuite through API integration, showcasing the resulting streamlining of processes, enhanced visibility, improved customer experience, and increased operational efficiency:

I. Streamline Freight Club's Shipping Processes

Our primary goal was to streamline FreightClub’s shipping operations by eliminating manual tasks, reducing errors, and increasing overall efficiency.

II. Efficiency and Time Saving

The objective was to streamline logistics processes and save time by eliminating the need for manual data transfer, allowing team members to perform all shipment-related tasks within NetSuite.

III. Improve Customer Experience

By integrating the API, we aimed to enhance the overall customer experience by automating order processing, reducing shipping delays, and improving communication channels.

IV. Enhance Visibility and Tracking Capabilities

We aimed to provide FreightClub with real-time visibility into their shipments, allowing them to track and monitor deliveries seamlessly.

Step: 2 Solution

Understanding the client’s challenges, we proposed an integration solution to seamlessly connect Netsuite with Freight Club. Our primary objective was to enable the client’s team to book freight directly within the familiar Netsuite environment, eliminating the need for manual data entry and time-consuming navigation across multiple platforms.

We developed a custom integration that integrated the freight booking process directly into Netsuite’s item fulfillment page. This integration introduced a new button that opened a wizard in a popup, automating the shipment and item information retrieval process. The wizard auto-filled the required information, such as shipment details, while allowing users the flexibility to make changes if necessary. 

After confirming the shipment details, the user could simply click the ”Get Rates” button to fetch freight rates from the Freight Club API, empowering them to make informed decisions based on cost and delivery time.

Furthermore, we enhanced the integration to provide additional functionality beyond booking. By clicking the same button, users could access shipment tracking information within Netsuite, eliminating the need to switch between systems.

This consolidation simplified the tracking process, allowing users to cancel or track shipments without leaving the Netsuite environment.

Step 3: Integration Process

I. Booking Freight

  • Upon clicking the designated button within Netsuite, a wizard pops up, pre-populating the required shipment and item information from Netsuite’s data.
  • Users have the option to modify the pre-filled information if necessary.
  • By clicking the “Get Rates” button, the system fetches freight rates from Freight Club’s API, allowing users to compare and select the most suitable freight option.

II. Additional Information and Confirmation

  • After selecting the preferred freight option, users proceed to the next step, where they can add any additional required information.
  • Once the necessary details are confirmed, users can proceed to book the shipment.

III. Shipment Tracking

  • In addition to booking, the same button within Netsuite allows users to access shipment tracking without leaving the platform.
  • Users can conveniently track the status of shipments and perform necessary actions such as cancellation, all within Netsuite.

Step 4: Results

The successful integration of FreightClub’s systems with NetSuite through our API solution yielded remarkable results. Here are some of the key outcomes achieved:

I. Time Savings

The automated integration significantly reduced the time required for booking freight shipments. Users can now book shipments directly within Netsuite, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

II. Enhanced Accuracy and Data Consistency

Manual errors and data inconsistencies were minimized through automated synchronization, ensuring smoother operations and reducing the potential for delays or customer dissatisfaction.

III. Streamlined Tracking and Cancellation

Accessing shipment tracking and performing cancellations became seamless within Netsuite. This consolidation eliminated the need for additional resources to manage freight on Freight Club.


The integration between Netsuite and Freight Club successfully resolved the client’s freight management challenges, revolutionizing their logistics operations. By providing a seamless, user-friendly interface within Netsuite, our solution eliminated manual data entry, reduced the chances of invalid entries, and significantly improved operational efficiency. With easy access to freight booking and tracking functionalities, the client’s team can now manage shipments more effectively without the need for extra resources.

Our integration solution has empowered the client to focus on their core business activities while streamlining their logistics operations. By automating the freight booking process and centralizing tracking information, they can make informed decisions, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our expertise in integrating Netsuite with Freight Club has proved instrumental in optimizing their supply chain, ultimately contributing to their business growth.

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