Amazon and Netsuite Integration

Transforming E-commerce Operations: Smoothly Integrating Amazon with NetSuite

One of our client wanted to automate its communication with Amazon and Netsuite integration, which offered only an EDI-based communication at the time. However, Netsuite did not support the AS2 protocol, leaving the client with a costly monthly fee for their existing solution. They approached our company seeking a more cost-effective and efficient solution.

Step 1: Client Background

Our client was faced with an outdated and costly communication system. Their existing solution relied on expensive monthly fees and lacked seamless integration with NetSuite. This meant that important tasks such as receiving sales orders, sending acknowledgments, initiating routing requests, receiving routing instructions, and sending ASNs and invoices were performed manually, leading to inefficiencies and increased operational costs.

Step 2: Objectives

I. Automate Communication

Implement a solution that automates the communication process between Amazon and NetSuite, eliminating manual tasks and reducing human error.

II. Cost Reduction

Provide a more cost-effective solution to client by replacing their previous expensive monthly fee-based system with a solution that requires only a minimal monthly fee for the cloud instance.

III. Time Savings

Save valuable time for the client employees by automating workflows and eliminating manual data entry and processing, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.

IV. Seamless Integration

Establish a seamless integration between Amazon and NetSuite, enabling smooth data transfer, order processing, acknowledgments, routing requests, routing instructions, ASNs, and invoices.

Step 3: Solution

Understanding the urgency and importance of a more efficient and cost-effective solution, our team proposed a customized approach utilizing cutting-edge technologies. We developed a powerful solution leveraging the Django and Node.js frameworks, hosted on an AWS instance.

This innovative integration communicated smoothly with NetSuite using Restlet, eliminating the need for costly third-party services. Our solution provided a more cost-effective and efficient solution than their previous solution, which relied on EDI communication.

I. Seamless Amazon Integration

We created a robust communication bridge between Amazon and NetSuite, ensuring the seamless transfer of data, orders, acknowledgments, and other critical information. The integration was designed to accommodate future growth and adapt to evolving business requirements.

II. Minimal Monthly Fee

By leveraging the power of AWS and our custom-built solution, Our client significantly reduced its monthly expenses. Our solution required only a minimal monthly fee for the cloud instance, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently and reinvest in other strategic areas of their business.

III. Streamlined Operations

Automation played a vital role in enhancing operations. By eliminating manual processes and enabling real-time data synchronization between Amazon and NetSuite, our solution enabled faster order processing, reduced errors, improved inventory management, and streamlined overall workflows.

IV. Scalability and Flexibility

Our solution was designed to grow with our client needs. The modular architecture and flexibility of our integration allowed for easy scalability, accommodating increased order volumes, expanding product catalogs, and adapting to evolving business strategies.

Step 4: Results of Our Integration Solution

The implementation of our Amazon integration with NetSuite brought remarkable results for client:

I. Cost Reduction

Our Client experienced a significant reduction in operational costs by eliminating expensive monthly fees associated with their previous communication solution.

II. Time Savings

Manual data entry and processing were replaced with automated workflows, saving valuable time for the company’s employees. This allowed them to focus on more strategic tasks and provided a quicker turnaround for order fulfillment.

III. Increased Accuracy

With real-time data synchronization, the chances of errors were minimized, resulting in improved order accuracy, reduced returns, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

IV. Boost Customer Experience

The seamless integration enabled our client to provide faster order processing, accurate tracking, and improved communication with customers. This led to an overall enhanced customer experience, boosting customer loyalty and generating positive word-of-mouth.


By partnering with Hassan RB, Our Client successfully modernized its communication infrastructure and achieved significant cost savings while enhancing its operational efficiency. Our tailored solution, powered by cutting-edge technologies and expert integration capabilities, paved the way for seamless integration between Amazon and NetSuite.

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